Get an hour of free one-on-one review when you spend at least 150€/job

I charge ~0.03€/word (excluding TVA) and do not count references or tables (unless requested). For urgent editing (<1 week to submission), an additional fee is added.

This price is competitive with market costs and are not sent abroad, but edited by only me.  Your work is kept confidential and not shared with anyone, even if you choose not to use the service.


1) Contact me by email with your request at least two weeks before your submission deadline (unless you need urgent editing services). For larger projects, please allow for more time, if possible.

2) Send me your manuscript, proposal, or CV so that I can calculate the cost.

3) The agreed price will be what you pay at the end, no surprises!

4) I request half the payment up front through IBAN transfer, and the remaining amount at the time of sending the work back to you. I can also provide an invoice for your university or organization, if needed.

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